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Roan Records

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February 18, 2023
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Rob is the owner of Roan Records, an independent vinyl record store – which is also the purveyor of delightful coffee - on Church Road, Teddington.  The store interior reflects Rob’s labour of love with copious amounts of vinyl records displayed between the racks and the art gallery style walls, but the vibe is more ‘lounge room chill’ than ‘commercial space’ and the staff are welcoming. TT could definitely see our spare time being whiled away in this little corner of Teddington. We caught up with Rob to ask him more about Roan Records.

How long have you been trading in Teddington?

I started the business in December 2020, so 2 years. We had an amazing launch week but after being open for only seven days, we were hit with the Covid lockdown restrictions and had to close the shop for three and a half months.

What was your vision when you launched?

I have always had a passion for vinyl; it's a hobby that has turned into a business. I wanted a place where musicians and musically minded people could hang out, share ideas, and spend time together.

What makes the business stand out?

Roan Records has become a hub for the local musical community. We don’t just sell records. We also arrange gigs which we hold at local venues. Roan Records has the musical knowledge and we’re here to help. If a customer can’t find what they’re looking for they can just ask and we can source it. We are a safe space for the musical community. No-one is judged here. We also make an excellent cup of coffee!

We don’t just sell records. We also arrange gigs which we hold at local venues.

What do you love about Teddington?

I live and work in Teddington. I’m sure everyone says it has a village feel, but it really does. There is a nice community here and we have a marvellous range of independent shops.

Besides your own shop what is your favourite shop in Teddington and why?

I like to hang out at Primitivo Club. Natalia and Eugene serve excellent food and they really know their wines.

What is your guilty pleasure?

2 pints of Neck Oil (It really is a drink name, we checked) at The Park, daily, after closing the shop. I am a creature of habit, and this beer is really good, despite an aroma of pineapple and peach notes.

Where in the world would you like to visit if time and money was no object?

Lewisham Town Hall. I’m a fan of the architecture.

In no more than three words describe yourself

Musical, happy and empathetic.

What do you see in the future for your business?

I’ll still be here in my wheelchair in 30 years’ time…


Insta: @roanrecords


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