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Street Trading License

We need to ensure you all have the correct licenses in place before the event. Please note the Street Trading License must be completed two months before the event - this is the final date for entry. 

A street trading license is required for the following:

  • If you wish to have a stand outside your shop but don't have a forecourt license. Please note this is even required if you are raising money for charity from a stall outside your shop.

  • If you have a forecourt license but are selling something different to what you sell in your shop

The fee for a one day street trading licence is as follows:

Non resident trader - £33

Resident trader - £20


Please find below a link to the form for you to complete.

one_day_street_trading_licence.pdf (


A complete application from each stall holder should comprise of the following:

  • an application form stating the type of goods that are to be sold. If you are a food trader you must list the food you intend to sell;

  • two passport size photographs, taken within the last 12 months of the applicant and signed on the reverse by the applicant

  • provide proof of home address

  • a copy of the stall holders public liability insurance showing cover of £5million and the expiry date of the policy;

  • a copy of the stall holders food registration level 2 certificate if you wish to sell food. The council require all people who work on the stall have level 2 food registration and the registration should not be older than 3 years. You can apply for this online at the following link

Please drop off your forms with your payment to Sharon Brewer at Teddington Carpets, Broad Street

DEADLINE: Two months before the event

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